The board of the chapter is a group of people that have official responsibilities. Elections for board positions are held every 6 months, but everyone can affect the chapter in their own way if they want to(i.e. planning events, chairmen positions, etc.).

Aleph Kohen Godol – Yaron Shekel

Shahar Ankonina(winter 2022-2023)

Hey all, how’s it going? This is Shahar and am THE Kohen Gadol! Yeah… know, pretty badass and awesome. Throughout the term, I swear that I will| parliament beautifully, unlike anything ever seen before!
Even though it may seem like am gone, I promise you, I am around. Feel free to text me at (408) 507-7745 or email me at if you wanna chat, talk, or even yap.

Nadav Ekshtein(Summer 2022)

{Message from Nadav Ekshtein}

Tamir Eliaz(Winter 2021-2022)

This is Tamir Eliaz.

Just kidding, it’s Alon Rabinowitz, the machshev from Tamir’s term.

If you are seeing this, it means that Tamir still hasn’t written anything for this term. See ya!

Amit Roth(Summer 2021)

Hello all, and welcome to my ted talk.

You might know me from my other addition to this page, but that’s just from bad luck with that Amit. I’m here to talk to you about good luck.

Being part of this chapter is something else, and I consider you lucky to be a part of it.

I may be gone, but not forgotten. Just text me at 408-680-4234 and we can talk more about luck, life, and everything nice.

Nir Reiter(Winter 2020-2021)

Hello, my name is Nir Reiter and I am the Kohen Gadol. I plan to rule this term with an iron fist and enforce my rule on the chapter. For too long we have been a democracy. But why all the arguing and hassle when I could just decide? (This is a joke by the way)

If you would like help or advice here is my email I promise I am actually helpful: (the 195 is a coincidence)

Eyal Shay (Summer 2020)

My last name isn’t Cohen 🙁 #WorstKohenGadol ever. I like cool things like having fun and being awesome ????

As Kohen Gadol I promise to do things at the next elections.

Email me at

Yali Goldstein(Winter 2019-2020)

I am a nice Jewish boy who likes to mingle. I like cooking, eating, and Ramon AZA! I am enjoying my role as kohen Gadol(sick bars). I am looking forward to giving advice to people in order to enrich their lives.

Please call or email me at:
(408)-718-0870 or

Ron Barzilay (Winter 2018-2019)

What do you call me?

A Kohen Gadol

What would you call me if there were two of me?

A Co-Kohen Gadol

What would you call me if there were two of me made out of chocolate?

A Cocoa Co-Kohen Gadol

What would you call me if there were two of me made out of chocolate, AND I was crazy?

A Kookoo Cocoa Co-Kohen Gadol

What would you call me if there were two of me made out of chocolate, I was crazy, and I REALLY liked Cocoa Puffs?

A Kookoo Cocoa Co-Kohen Gadol that’s Kookoo for Cocoa Puffs

Now that you’ve gotten a good idea of my qualifications, ideas, aspirations, hopes, dreams, and truly everything that makes me who I am, I invite you to contact me! I do honestly think that I’m a fairly knowledgeable guy, especially about Ramon, so hit me up with questions, ideas, or offers to hang out.

Also, I especially encourage you to come out to business meetings, as every meeting of the 2018-2019 Winter Term will be graced with a How-To report given by yours truly, about various AZA-related topics.

I’ll also share a few speeches from my term so that you can get a sense of what Summer 2018 (best term of all time) was like. I’ll never forget my Gadol term as the one where we went backpacking for three days, changed all the names of of board positions because “why not?”, and played so much Super Smash Bros. So. Much. Smash Bros.

Gadol Acceptance Speech

Midstates Speech

State of the Chapter

While I’m at it, here are a few more of my favorite AZA speeches for your reading pleasure:

Fake It Till You Make It Report (1/18/2017)

How to Give an AZA Report, The Report (4/5/2017)

How to Convince Anyone of Anything (Springboard Speech – 5/20/2017)

Report without the Letter E (5/24/2017)

Alright, that’s all for now. To anyone reading this, do anything and everything you can to be involved in this chapter; plan an event, give a report at a business meeting, take the chapter on a wild trip, or anything that your heart desires. You, and all of Ramon will gain so much. Your time is limited; make the best of it.

Frat Sub,


Amit Klein (Summer 2018)

‘Sup! It’s Amit Klein!

Actually, no, it’s Amit Roth, the dank 2018 Summer Term Machshev who has to fill in Amit’s board page for him.

If you see this, that means he hasn’t updated his page yet.

And if this stays here the rest of the term, then oh well.

Kind Regards,

Amit Roth, Machshev

Raz Goldstein (Winter 2017-18)

To whom it may concern,

As Kohen Godol of Ramon AZA #195, I played many roles and accomplished many tasks. I attended many events and continued to pour my passion into AZA. Though I gave so much to this chapter as Kohen Godol, perhaps my greatest accomplishment while holding this position was updating this board page. The updating of this board page symbolizes all the good that exists in this world. So, the next time you see me, ask me: “Raz, what has been your most proud accomplishment during your AZA career?” To which I will respond: “Updating the Kohen Godol page of the website.”

Best Regards,

Raz Goldstein,

Aleph Kohen Godol of Ramon AZA’s Winter 2017-18 Term Board

Oren Erlich (Summer 2017)

Ori Klein

To be updated…

Roee (Rule of the Iron Fist)

“You know what would be really funny and cool”

“Nah, what?”

“If you had three positions on the website”

“Yeah I guess that would be cool…”

(Fast-Foward couple of months)

No need to fear, Roee is here.

I frequently like to wear Disney princess hats in my free time… Judge me, I don’t care <3

Roee filing for Rohass 2016



Amir Mazor circa 2014

Hey guys! Amir here!

Super excited for this term! I plan on helping every single member that wants my help (and even a few that don’t). I’m always here if you need some advice. Please email me at if you have any questions or if you want to remain anonymous. I’ll add reports and stuff from my term here! So check out this page every few weeks and see what I added.

12/10/14: Just Do It

Frat Sub.

Aleph Historian Shotare – Yoav Kibel

[Message from Roi]

Aleph Katavim – Roi Noy & Eli Goodman

{message will be added soon}

Aleph Machshev – Tabled

This position is currently tabled, which means that there is no aleph that is holding it.

If there are problems, you can contact previous machshev Alon Rabinowitz at (669) 200-8282 or

Aleph Mazkirim – Doron Bentov & Jake Kleinman

[Message from Ido and Roy]

Aleph Metaksherim – Ophir Aloni & Roy Kafri

[Message from Tamir and Danny]

Aleph Gizbarim – Ido Nir & Tamir Kedem


Aleph Shlichim – Ethan Kapuya & Ethan Mutchnik

[Message from Ben and Doron]

Aleph Moreh – Liran Friedman

[Message from Yoav]