A word from the Advisors

An advisor’s job in Ramon AZA is best defined not by what we do, but by what we don’t do.

  • We don’t plan events
  • We don’t recruit
  • We don’t run the chapter
  • We don’t stop the teens from making mistakes (or as a past regional director said “it’s our job to let them skin their knees, not break their necks”)

The chapter belongs to the Alephs, and we aren’t Alephs.

So what do we do?

Our primary job is to ensure the health and safety of participants. In the rare occasion that somebody wants to do something that is actually dangerous, we ask them to stop. If they are planning something unreasonably risky, we help them find something equally fun that is acceptably safe. Our secondary job is to interpret BBYO policy – for example: we decide how many staff they actually need for a given event based on what they have planned. Our third job, and the one we probably enjoy the most and spend the most time on, is to be available for general advice. Whether it is about chapter issues or programs, school, or anything else, one of us is almost always available to chat either at an event, by phone, or online. Occasionally we answer parents’ questions about the chapter – though it’s often difficult to convey to them how much their sons stand to gain by participating in AZA. So if you’re a parent who wants to know more about that, you might want to chat with the parents of some of our alumni. We’ll be glad to introduce you. Ramon AZA currently has three advisors with a combined experience of over 40 years advising. Yet the chapter still has the ability to surprise us. That’s ok – because every day we see Alephs surprised at what they can accomplish as well.

Other information

Here’s a link to the parliamentary procedure flowchart as currently practiced in the chapter.