Aleph Sgan – Amit Aloni

              Hello, my name is Amit Aloni and I am the Aleph Sgan for the 2017-2018 Winter Term Board. I am the member of the board in charge of finding housing and staff for events, as well as managing the body of chairmen, and as a member of the chapter’s High Board, I often help with decisions related to chapter projects and initiatives. I am honored and excited to serve as Sgan this term, and cannot wait to see what it will offer.

This term, I will ensure that:

  1. All event planners are supported so that they may be able to reach their full programming potential.
  2. Event planners will have full creative freedom over their events.
  3. Housing and staff will be found in time for events.
  4. Chairmen will be supported to reach their goals
    1. Link to the application
    2. Deadline is Friday, Jan 26

If you have any questions, reach out to me through the contact info below. I’m really excited to serve this term, and will do the best I can to make events great.

Contact Information:

Phone: (650)-224-4415