Aleph Metaksher

Your Current Aleph Metaksher is Tom Ekshtein


Hello All, 

As you can see, my name is Tom Ekshtein, and I am SUPER excited for this upcoming term, as well as your Aleph Metaksher for the 2016 summer term board. Not only am I the person who does rides at events, but I also do parent and alumni communications. This upcoming term is also the 25th anniversary of Ramon AZA #195, so get PUMPED!!! 

 Here is a list of all the Ramon/Seuss Alumni:

My Goals for this term are:

To Hold a Parent in Training event (PIT)
To Bring at least 2 alumni per month to events

To Hold an Alumni get-together and to create the “Year Blue-Book”

To Establish a Parent Rides Committee

To Send Weekly parent Emails

Contact Info:

Phone: 408-431-8964

Email: or

School: Homestead

Carrier Pigeon: none