Current Mazkir: Tzlil Nahum


Tzlil has yet to update his board page. Until he does, here is the outdated board page from his predecessors. 

Hello, our names are Edo Biluar and Nadav Bronicki, and we’re the Mazkirim!



What is this Mazkir you speak of?

Good question. Mazkir is a position. It takes minutes at Business Meetings, but also much more. The Mazkir is tasked with generally keeping the chapter informed about current goings-on (like events, and motions).

What are you going to do?

I’m glad you asked. Here are a few of our projects:

  • Update the chapter Constitution
  • Bring back weekly calls
  • Remove clauses in the Constitution that make no sense or are nullified by policy
  • Have fun (we’re people too)