What is CRW?

CRW (Central Region West) #45 is the region that Ramon AZA is a part of. While the region includes all of Northern California from Santa Cruz area to the Oregon-California border, as well as Hawaii, all of our chapters are currently located in the bay area. CRW holds three conventions a year (LS, Kallah, and Spring) and is currently home to 19 chapters and to the first two BBG chapters in the entire order (San Francisco BBG #1, or SF1, and Oakland BBG #2). CRW always bring tons of spirit to every convention and is a blast to be with.

central region west red


Regional Board


Godol: Miles Bader

S’gan: Victor Ermolin

Moreh: Max Leiter

Mazkir: Ron Levy

Shaliach: Micah Bloom

Gizbor: Alex Berlaga

Kohen Godol: Ron Hasson



N’siah: Zoe Sprintz

S’ganit: Karni Beth

Morah: Jordan Greene 

Mazkirah: Ashlee Kupor

Yehudia: Mira Bader

Shlicha: Anna Fox

Gizborit: Gal Kavaler

Madricha: Ilana Hamer