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Aleph Godol

  • Serve as president of the chapter
  • Official chapter spokesman to the community, region, and the international order
  • Oversee and encourage board members.
  • Arrange for transportation at all chapter events
  • To clear events after the S’gan and before the chapter adviser
  • To creatively and effectively plan the following:
    • An Installations Ceremony at the beginning of the term
    • Board Education Programs to motivate and bond with his board
    • A Midstates ceremony to evaluate the chapter and board officers in the middle of the term
    • A traditional Fraternity Night to be held the Saturday night before elections
    • An elections event to elect the board of the following term elections
    • An Inductions Ceremony with the Moreh usually planned during the lame duck period at the end of their terms
  • To serve as an ex-officio member of every chapter committee
  • To maintain good relations with South Peninsula Hebrew Day School
  • To update the Godol Page of the website

Aleph S’gan

  • To serve as the vice-president of the chapter
  • To ensure that creative and successful events relevant to the Five Folds and Full are planned each week
  • To maintain a well balanced calendar on the website
  • To update the Events section of the front page of the website every week
  • To appoint and educate chairmen
  • To clear events before the Godol and the chapter adviser
  • To find proper staffing and housing for events
  • To update the S’gan Page of the website

Aleph Moreh

  • Shall be in charge of the recruitment of new members and be aware of the membership situation at all times
  • Shall educate members of the chapter through effective Aleph in Training programs
  • Shall arrange and run chapter re-registration during the summer
  • To educate parents of members of the chapter through effective Parent in Training programs
  • To continually update the traditions packet on the website and print one out for distribution at least once in two years
  • Shall oversee the making of any necessary phone calls for the purpose of recruitment and retention
  • Shall oversee an optional phone calling committee for the purpose of
  • recruitment and retention
  • To create thoughtful and insightful Moreh reports at business meetings
  • To update the Moreh Page of the website

Aleph Shaliach

  • To promote Religious, Cultural, Educational, Community Service, and Israeli Awareness programs
  • To ensure Judaic programming during holidays that coincide with events
  • To oversee Havdallah on Saturday night events
  • To maintain good relations with local Judaic and/or community service organizations
  • To update the Shaliach page of the website

Aleph Gizbor

  • To keep all chapter financial records, receipts, and to balance the checkbook
  • To plan and run chapter fundraisers
  • Shall collect and pay bills due to and from the chapter
  • To be in charge of ISF education in the chapter
  • To update the Gizbor Page of the website

Aleph Metaksher

  • Shall maintain relations within the chapter
  • Shall maintain relations with chapter alumni through updating and maintaining the Alumni section of the Website, overseeing alumni relations programming, and creating and maintaining a contact list of current chapter alumni
  • Shall maintain relations with families by sending thank you cards to those who deserve it and overseeing family relations programming
  • Shall be responsible for organizing rides for Alephs to, from, and during events
  • Shall maintain relations with the region by encouraging Alephs to sign up for regional and international programs
  • Corresponds to what is regionally referred to as the Aleph Mazkir
  • To update the Metaksher Page on the website

Aleph Mach’shev

  • Shall serve as a manager and overseer of the chapter website and will update and upgrade chapter web pages
  • Shall teach board members how to update their corresponding web page sections
  • Shall oversee and moderate the chapter message board
  • Will continually update the online phone list
  • To update the Mach’shev Page on the website

Aleph Katav

  • Shall create monthly chapter newsletters with chapter current events.
  • Corresponds to what is regionally referred to as the Aleph Mazkir.
  • To update the Katav Page on the website

Aleph Mazkir

  • To take minutes at business meetings and present them creatively in the Reading of the Past Minutes at the following meeting
  • Shall create a pocket phone list when necessary
  • Shall update the chapter constitution when necessary
  • Shall make weekly calls to members of the chapter to retrieve RSVP information for events
  • To update the Mazkir Page on the website

Aleph Historian Shotare

  • To preserve order at business meetings
  • To take pictures at events and post them on the Pictures Page on the chapter website
  • To oversee the creation of the scrapbook for Spring Convention
  • To continually update The Hat with chapter archives and memorabilia
  • To update the Historian Shotare Page on the website

Aleph Kohen Godol

  • To serve as the previous Aleph Godol and parliamentarian of the chapter
  • Shall advise the Aleph Godol and other chapter members in solving problems
  • To help count votes at elections along with the chapter adviser. In case Kohen Godol is unqualified or not present, the chapter Godol and Adviser will determine a proper replacement.
  • To update the Kohen Godol Page on the website