Your Current Aleph Katavim:

     Tzlil Nahum and David Warshawsky

Hello All! We are Ramon AZA #195’s Katavims for the 2016-2017  Winter Term Board. Our duty  is to create  chapter newsletters for everyones’ reading pleasure. We will take numerous approaches this term to collect articles from the community and compile responses into an entertaining newsletter for all alephs.

Our goals are:

-To get 6-8 newspapers out, at least.

-Getting responses from members of the community,Alumni, Parents, and Alephs.

-To get alephs to:

                   *See the Chapter Newsletter as a chapter project that everyone must contribute to.

*Enjoy the subject they are writing about rather than only giving prompt.

                                      *Know that we appreciate their contribution.

-Create a rewards system for writing articles between Alephs.

Remember if you have a brain and fingers, you can write an article. 

If there are any questions about the newspaper or our duties as Katavim, or if  you need help to write articles, feel free to contact us

David Warshawsky
Phone: 408-759-3792

Tzlil Nahum

Phone: 408-507-8415