Your Current Aleph Katav:

Tal Dickman

Hello All! I am Ramon AZA’s 2017-2018 Winter Term Katav.

My goal is:

-To get 6 monthly newspapers out.

-To inspire aleph’s to write articles!

-To have 3 monthly essay writing contests.


If you have any issues or questions about writing articles, call me at 650-773-5807, or email me at



Essay Contests!

Ok, so here’s how it works:

Each month, I will post 3 essay prompts/ writing contests. You can submit at most 1 entry into each writing contest by sending me an email of the essay, which I will post on this page. I will judge who’s submission is the best using  the following 3 criteria:

  1. Makes Sense
  2. Creative
  3. Meets Requirements

If you win a writing contest, you get a point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the term gets a legit prize.



December Contests

Contest 1: Describe your favorite food without saying it or its ingredients/components. Whoever’s can describe easily what it is in the least amount of words wins

Contest 2: Submit a piece of art. Whoever’s is the best wins.

Contest 3: Submit a piece of poetry. Whoever’s is the best wins.