Aleph Godol – Amit Klein

My name is Amit Klein and I am the Aleph godol of Ramon AZA. My job is to watch over chapter proceeding and help when neccesary. I have greatly benefited from Ramon and love seeing younger members get captured by the BBYO spirit and start to grow themselves. I can not wait to see what things the members of the chapter will do this term with the right system in place to support them.


My Plans For this Term.

  • Come to every event happy and ready to participate, so that others will follow suit and also be happy and ready to participate
  • Enhance our events, with older member participation that drives event to be better and funner
  • Enhance our chapter fraternity by having every member of this chapter interact with one another in a productive manner, at events, business meetings, and hangouts
  • Restore order and high attendance at business meetings through their return to SPHDS and good promotion
  • Support my board with bi-weekly board calls for each position and further follow up every week on their projects
  • Support the chapter in any big project or big event members want to plan by providing them the organization and support they need in order to accomplish their goals
  • I want to go far this term, with members of this chapter planning a Santa Cruz day, a Sacramento trip, Houseboat, SF day trip, and whatever else chapter members can think of
  • Plan and execute our CSRE with efficiency and success, while allowing anyone who wants to partake a part in it a chance to participate.
  • I want everyone to come out of this term remembering it as that one term where they did something big, they stepped out of their comfor
  • I want everyone to be happy

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Phone: (408)-780-5357


Facebook: Amit Klein