Raz Goldstein – Aleph Godol

Hi! I’m Raz, and I am the Aleph Godol of Ramon AZA! This means that I am essentially the president of the chapter and oversee every chapter function. I have been a member of Ramon AZA for three years, and it has changed my life. My biggest goal is to share the same life changing effect that I had with every member of Ramon.

My Goals For this Term.

  • Raise the level of respect for events, programming, and front of the room speakers.
  • Strengthen Fraternity and brotherhood in our chapter.
  • Hold frequent passion workshops, to rejuvenate alephs with passion for the chapter.
  • Have productive and efficient business meetings, and teach parliamentary procedure.
  • Publish monthly board releases.
  • Digitalize the documents of the Hat (chapter archives)
  • Plan an execute a Ramon Halloween Dance with the chapter.
  • Work with every board member to fulfill their needs.
  • Make sure every aleph is getting the most out of their time in Ramon AZA.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Phone: 408-306-4171

Email: goldstein.raz@gmail.com

Facebook: Raz Goldstein