The smallest and most fundamental thing in BBYO is a chapter. A chapter is simply a group of Alephs that have events each week and live in the same general area. Ex. Ramon AZA


A group of chapters that are all located in a relatively close proximity to one another. Ex. CRW

Brother/Sister chapter

A chapter that shares your chapter’s recruitment territory, but is for the opposite gender. Ex. JSZ BBG and Ramon AZA


An event, usually planned (in Ramon) by the Metaksher, used specifically to educate the parents of the chapter about BBYO and how they can be more involved in the chapter.


A weekend long regional event.


Leadership summits. The fall convention specifically made to teach people about leadership and how to be better leaders.

Kallah (convention)

The winter convention with an emphasis on Judaism.

Kallah (chapter)

An event (typically an overnight) for the chapter with an emphasis on Judaism.


The spring convention comprised mostly of chapter spirit. Seniors last convention.

Midstates An event planned by the Godol in the middle of the term, where he reviews the chapter's progress
Installations A ceremony where the old officers are retired and the newly elected ones are installed


An event with an inductions ceremony at the end to induct new members into the chapter and re-induct old ones.