The 7 cardinal principles of AZA, often referred to as the 7 cards, are essentially the basic values of AZA. The official BBYO definitions for them are as follows:


Patriotism– Loyalty to my homeland, to its laws, to it's principles, to its ethics. To die for it if need be, but primarily to live for it.


Judaism– Always to observe the tenets of my faith; ever to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with the lord my G-d.


Filial Love– Ever to honor and love my parents. To be considerate of my elders and to respect age.


Charity– To give of myself and my substance for all worthy causes; to be kind and generous to all in need, regardless of race or color.


Conduct– never too bold, never too forward, ever humble, ever observing the principles of gentlemen.


Purity– To keep my soul pure, my mind active, and my body healthy.


Fraternity– a spirit of sociability, of cooperation, and of friendship toward all AZA's that shall make of us one fellowship; a love of and a loyalty to AZA and it's Ideals.