Each and every program at an event should fall into one of the 5 folds. Basically, the 5 folds are a guideline for what should be included at an event. The official BBYO definition for them are as follows:


Athletics: Sports in AZA have always been vital to the building of brotherhood and fraternity. Many councils and regions throughout the Order compete in several different sports. Not only do AZA chapters among the Order compete in sporting events, but also participate in games and athletic-based programming.


Community Service/Social Action: In accordance with Jewish tradition, AZA emphasizes the values of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedakah (charity). Community service can entail a wide range of hands-on activities that involve direct service to those in need. Social action involves mobilizing and educating members to address problems that exist in society, and it requires a group not only to learn about these issues, but also to do something about them. AZA encourages members to take an active role in the community around them.


Education: Through AZA, Alephs are challenged to learn about things beyond themselves and the borderlines of our Jewish faith. Through educational programming teens learn material that broaden our knowledge and give each individual Aleph a new understanding about the world around them. Education also entails teaching members the traditions of AZA.


Judaic: Judaic programs bring a unique, spiritual aspect to life in AZA, seeking to develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, the religion and culture of the Jewish people. Through programming in the Judaic fold, we not only learn about our denomination of Judaism, but also about the ones around us, and about the branches that other members practice. Also, creative Jewish programs incorporate the popular culture of today, as well as traditional Jewish rituals.


Social: AZA chapters sponsor and participate in a wide variety of social programs, often with BBG chapters. While there is nothing wrong with simple social programming, it is important to be creative and use the fold in the proper proportion and to combine this with other folds for effective, meaningful programming.